Emma Duehr is a first year graduate student at Portland State University. She is a 2017 graduate from Clarke University, where she specialized in painting, sculpture, and art history academia. Her artwork often concerns environmental changes, glorifying original landscapes, and detrimental everyday human behaviors. Her work promotes environmental awareness during daily activities.

Emma moved to Portland, Oregon with desire to continue her studies in an eco-aware, evolving, and diverse community. She currently experiments with a wide range of materials, which promote conversations within the community. Crude oil, embroidery, oil paint, plants, plastic, steel, and wood are some materials she has worked with. Her three-dimensional works engage audiences in public environments; her two-dimensional experimentation breaks the boundaries of a canvas using non-traditional materials. Emma creates work to promote positive evolving and initiate difficult conversations.

She enjoys the act of giving and is eager to deliver her understandings of the power of art into new communities, personal lives, and homes. She creates with passion and empowerment; she strives to start discussions about current events happening within our society.

Emma is involved with many social network dialogues. You can follow her works, process, and progress live on any of these sites: