Sexual assault survivors share their experiences to be told through a public installation. The stories are directly embroidered into various undergarments and displayed for public viewers. The underclothing represents each survivor as their stories of assault, rape, and harassment are installed for a public viewing. The installation is designed to mimic a closet display, which becomes a private setting for each viewer to read the real experiences, and survivors can share their own. The large sum of stories form a powerful display to describe the endless amount of pain there is to share. Every story is added to the growing installation as the closet will begin to overflow. These anecdotes can be provided completely anonymously at www.emmaduehr.com.

I am extremely proud of every survivor that chooses to add their story to this project. Your story will be heard, respected, and used to make a difference in this country. I vow to protect your experiences as I demand a specific respect to each garment on display.


  1. “I said no, so he spread rumors. No one believed me…ever.”

  2. “My neighbor jacked off to me outside while I was tanning, I was 14.”

  3. “Pressured into sex for the first time ever when I was 16 by my bf. so much regret.”

  4. “Had a trucker stare at me, dropped thou and masterbated in front his truck at a rest area; I was the only other one there.”

  5. “I got raped at a party. I was a minor and he was in his late 20’s. Girls threatened to attack me if I didn’t keep quiet.”

  6. Since I have a clavicle tattoo, creepy men have used that as an excuse to grab at my collar.”

  7. Being subject to men thinking that me being drunk equals consent when it def wasn’t.

  8. “I was sleeping at a friends house on a couch and had a guy reach up my shorts and touch me then looked me in the yes the next morning and smiled. I still have to see him regularly.”

  9. “I had a boyfriend rape me while I said no and said it wasn’t rape because we were dating.”

  10. “I am currently trying to press charges on a man who blackmailed me, then raped me.”

  11. “I had a regular customer who brought me flowers and wine to work. He was 25 years older and married.”

  12. “I was drugged at a bar and raped later that night. It went to court, but he got away with it. After getting a retrial.”

  13. “My old best friend dates/sleeps with my attacker. She knows everything and helped me cope.”

  14. “Had my ass slapped by my manager when he was drunk af on his night off.”

  15. “Literally can’t fit the amount of times in this response. From exboyfriends getting upset when I said no to bosses telling me that my sundress makes my “ass look nice.” Every day there are precautions taken that men will never understand. We wake up making choices to ensure that we don’t get insulted on a daily basis. Its absolutely disgusting.”

  16. “no matter how many times I moved this guys hand off my ass at the bar he kept doing it. I didn’t even know him, and didn’t even have a convo with him either. I was just buying a drink.”

  17. “Had a guy grab my ass at a bar. I yelled at him. He laughed at me.”

  18. “I can’t even count the number of times strangers have touched me.”

  19. “At my workplace, a customer came in and told me (in front of my colleagues) that he wanted me to give him….”

  20. “My ex held me down during sex and tried to get me pregnant so I wouldn’t leave him after he cheated.”

  21. “I had someone following me, copying everything I did. Started going to the same gym as me. Got hired at my work.”

  22. “A customer once grabbed my ass and slipped a $50 in my back pocket in the middle of the dining hall.”

  23. “I wore a black dress all the time to work. I always got compliments. I loved this dress, until I found out the other day that the dress is see-through, underwear and all. One quote, “ Ill stay for one more drink , because your looking so good in that dress.”

  24. “A boyfriend got me naked, later to find out he had hid 4 of his friends in the room the whole time.”

  25. “I engaged with a boy I trusted, then he took a picture of me giving him a blowjob, that I did not approve. I still don’t know where this photograph has been.”

  26. “I said no several times to my bf but he painfully continued.”

  27. “I don’t remember the fine details of my attack, I’ll never forget the sound of his breath on me or the weight of him on top of me. Every damn day I struggle with it. Close to 10 years later.”

  28. “I drank too much. Blackout, wasn’t even able to stop him while it was happening.”

  29. “right after I graduated from high school I was hanging out with a guy and said to him “i am hard to make uncomfortable,” and he proceeded to put him hands down my shorts and up my top. That was the last time I ever spoke to him.”

  30. “A TSA agent made a suggestive comment about my body and face. I asked him why he didn’t make those comments to the man in front of me, and told him he shouldn’t make comments about a strangers body unless it was relevant to the screening and security process. ( He was checking ID’s and boarding passes)”

  31. “I was drunk at a barn party, a guy asked to go on a walk, I was only 15. He asked to lay down and watch the stars with me, we did. Then he tried forcing me to have sex with him. I said no, curled up pants-less and he left me in the middle of a field.”

  32. “I was hammered fooling around with a guy with a guy I didn’t know at a party, realized what I was doing and stopped, but he locked the door and wouldn’t let me leave until I gave him something. I didn't, I yelled and cried.”

  33. “I was at a college party, I did a keg stand, then 2 guys decided to put their fingers under my shorts and up my vagina. NO ONE DID ANYTHING. I got down and left and didn’t do anything either.”

  34. “I was having fun on a party bus. I was dancing and having fun with the girls and this guy kept grabbing and rubbing my crotch on top of my jeans.”

  35. “when I was 19 I was having a rough time after a break up. I was hanging with a friend at a coworkers house and we were drinking and smoking. I was very much under the influence and was asked to go upstairs. There were 3 guys, each doing different things. I woke up in the morning in that same bed and left immediately. I was bleeding and so scared but luckily it was my period. My friend was kicked out of the house bc he was asking what was going on and trying to start a fight with the guys. He was waiting for me outside in the morning. I felt so incredibly disgusting and all I could do was sleep that day. I couldn’t even tell my mom, and I tell her EVERYTHING.”

  36. “I was raped at 16 by a guy who was 19. It was my first time. I still have PTSD.”

  37. “Going to court to speak against my assaulter & for all the women who were silenced.”

  38. “I had a male coworker genuinely think he could grab my breast whenever he felt like.”

  39. “My 14 year old boyfriend told me he was not a virgin so that I was comfortable to have sex with him.”

  40. “During our 5 year relationship, my “no’s” were never heard. Even after having sex 4 times in one day.”

  41. “When I was 7 my babysitter who was 16 touched me inappropriately and i’m still traumatized.”

  42. “I was sexually touched when I was 11 by a family friend, worst thing in my life and I would say it took a toll.”

  43. “In second grade my neighbor (who was a teenage) brought me upstairs to his attic instead of home. He walked me to my house from the bus stop every day. He had me lay on my back on a mat on the floor and laid down on top of me. I had no idea what was going on. And I never spoke of it.”

  44. “I was at a house party at the residence of a person I thought was a very good and close friend. I drank a little too much, and he told me it was no problem for me to crash on his couch. I felt safe with him and at his place, so I did just that. I woke up to him masturbating himself with my feet. I told a close mutual friend (male), and he just laughed and said "oh yeah, *insert guy's name* is creepily into feet. You aren't the first girl we know to have an awkward experience like this."

  45. I was beaten and raped by my ex-boyfriend after we broke up, he too covered my mouth with his hand and told me to keep quiet. I never told police he raped me because I didnt remember that night when I called.the police, it wasn't until later I remembered. Im now a mental health therapist trying to make a difference, encouraging victims to fight.”

  46. “When I was 14, a 30 year old man raped me when I went with him (he was a family “friend”) to run an errand. I told when we got back, and no one believed me.”

  47. “It was an older school mate when I was 13 with friends on the beach. It was a friend I told everything to and he used it against me outside in the park. It was my manager late at night after close. It was my best friend in high school, after already telling him about my other experiences. It was when I just turned 21 and we were walking back to a friend's apartment when a guy outside of a bar grabbed me and held me while trying to put his tongue in my mouth, and drag me away from my safe group of friends.”

  48. “It was my sophomore year if high school, he was my best friend and I trusted him, we were hanging out at his place after I had gone through a rough break up and a family emergency. He suggested I drink to feel better, he told everybody we went to school with, all our mutual friends everything that happened that night and when I asked him what exactly happened he couldn't remember.”

  49. “I was sexually abused as a child from the age of 5 until I was 11. When I was 12 I testified in court and now he is a registered sex offender and he only got two years. Some of the jurors didn’t believe me so that is why he only got 2 years.”

  50. “I was passed out at a party in college, I woke up to 3 guys rubbing their junk all over my face.”

  51. “Last week a dude stopped infant of me when I was leaving a gas station so he could comment on my outfit and tell me I was pretty and he was “old fashioned.”

  52. “As a 15 year old babysitter, the dad gave me a ride home and INSISTED he hold my thigh to “keep us warm.”

  53. “I was drugged and raped at a party by someone who I thought was a friend.”

  54. “In grade school my friends dad forced us to shower anytime we stayed the night.”

  55. “My guy friend assaulted me after I went out drinking with girlfriends and he was completely sober.”

  56. “My own father repeatedly sexually assaulted me as a child. Abuse runs deep.”

  57. “I was intoxicated, fooling around with someone I really trusted. He decided to take a picture of me without my permission. I still don’t know where this picture has all been.”

  58. “When I was 14 and beginning to get into a heavy drug problem, I was at a party almost blackout drunk, on oxy, and stoned when an upperclassman i didn’t know led me to a room and raped me.”

  59. “I asked where the bathrooms was and a guy said he’d show me but instead he tried to overpower me and try to force me to give him a blowjob. Even thought I was drunk I was able to overpower. They kicked him out of the party and his girlfriend broke up with him after I told her”

  60. “I went on a date with one of my exes. He took me back to his place and started touching me. I begged him to stop. He unbuttoned my pants and started fingering me furiously. I begged him to stop.”

  61. “2 guys in h.s. gave me a ride home in the rain, pulled over, refused to drive unless I made out with them.”

  62. “Slept over at a friend’s house. Woke up to her brother forcing himself into me. Lost virginity.”

  63. “A boy in high school thought it was funny to wear a thong and rub his penis on people.”

  64. “My friends laughed as he rubbed his penis in my face when I was laying on a couch.”

  65. “I had started a new antidepressant for anxiety and one of the side affects was feeling hazy and unaware, a guy i thought was my friend took advantage of that and sexually assaulted me, when I tried to tell a friend what had happened they said it was my fault for trusting him and that it probably didn’t even happen.”

  66. “Guy on swim team grabbed my ass to push me in the pool ( I am 14)”

  67. “"I was at my best friends house and we had gotten drunk with her older brother who was in college and during a drinking game he made sure I chugged every round. I got extremely sloppy drunk and so did my friend so she went to shower and I laid down to sleep and he seemed like he was trying to help me fall asleep and cover me up but really he stuck his hand in my pants and underwear thinking I was asleep. I shuffled to test this theory and he removed it immediately and put it back when I seemed to be sleeping again. I was so petrified. Eventually I just pretended to wake up and told him to check on his sister. I cried and my sister who didn’t have a license stole my moms car to come get me.”

  68. My boyfriend (now ex) put his fingers and tongue inside me after I told him to stop and tried to back away. He held me there and I stopped trying to get away because I was scared he’d hurt me. I was 16 at the time, I never reported him. Now I’m 20 and I’ve thought about it every day since it happened.

  69. “Multiple times men will ask for anal sex & will stick it in even after you say no & IT HURTS.”

  70. “My boyfriend anally raped me because he was mad that I talked to another man at a concert.”

  71. “A middle aged man groped me at a Starbucks when I was 15.”

  72. “My boyfriend assaulted and raped me repeatedly when I tried to leave him.”

  73. “My sisters baby daddy who I’ve known since I was 8 touched me sexually and then proceeded to say he thought I was his girlfriend.”

  74. “My boyfriend said me not to cry after he raped me because he would get married me. I felt guilty and thought it wasn't rape because he was my boyfriend. But he treated me like a sexual object. When I tried to leave him he threatened to spread rumors and blackmailled me. Thus he raped me again and again. It was 9 years ago but I still blame myself.”

  75. “I used to babysit my neighbors kids. I had left my phone there one night and I went back there to get it. When I got there, the dad wouldn’t give me my phone. He has been drinking and he thought it was all a joke. He then proceeded to pick me up and “spank” me. I was screaming at him to put me down and he wouldn’t. I grabbed my phone and ran home. I was 14 and he was 34.”

  76. “My (now ex) girlfriend would always force me to have sex but I normalized and called it love despite me saying no. She was my first love, I wish with everything that I could hate her but I can’t.”

  77. “My “best friend” raped me to “teach” me what sex was. I was 11, he was 14.”

  78. “My ex raped me repeatedly but I didn’t accept that because I didn’t believe that a forced yes is a no.”

  79. “I had forgotten about this till a few years ago but when I was 16 a 45 year old man kissed me and tried to put his hands up my shirt and I am certain he wanted more.”

  80. “I was sexually abused for two years, ages 4 to 6, by a defrocked priest whom the Church knew had abused before and they only defrocked him.”

  81. “I went to visit a friend at college and we ended up going to a party the first night. Her and I both drank but I ended up consuming a great deal more than her. We eventually ran into a group of people we didn’t know. We ended up walking to one of the guy’s apartments, I was the most drunk I’ve ever been and can’t remeber how we even got to his place. When we got there, my friend started fooling around with him. I eventually joined them but only kissed him a few times. We ended up both in his room and he started taking my clothes off and then had sex with me when I was falling over, eyes closed and close to black out drunk. I had no control of my body and can’t remember it all but I do remember wanting to leave the situation with everything in me but couldn’t physically speak. I got the strength to get out and walk away after awhile only for my friend to have sex with him after. I later found out my friend was completely sober by the time we met this guy and had been sober the whole rest of the night. She watched him have sex with me when I wasn’t coherent. I was plastered. That was my first time. My friend also knew that. Haven’t seen either one since.”

  82. “at 16 i spent the night at my friends house and her father came into the room in the middle of the night and put his hand over my mouth and raped me while I was in the same bed as his sleeping daughter.”

  83. “I was seeing this guy at the time, we were just hanging out. I had the pap smear done a few days prior and didn’t want to have sex. I told him I was in pain down there, he turned away and wouldn’t speak to me. The only words that came out of his mouth were words pressuring me into having sex with him. I said no, over and over and over again, to the point of exhaustion. I turned over and his pants were off. “Let’s just try it,” he said. I froze. I felt like I couldn’t say no anymore. During sex, he asked if I was in pain. My face gave it away, I found a mark on his ceiling and focused on it until it was over. The same thing happened a few days later. He video taped it. I didn’t realize this was considered rape at the time. I felt violated, assaulted, but couldn’t bring myself to say I was raped. I thought I was being dramatic or overreacting. To him, my “no” meant, “convince me” or “force me.” I still see him everyday on campus. I haven’t slept with someone since.”

  84. “I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years. He was verbally, mentally, sexually, and physically abusive. Most people wonder why I stayed, and its hard to express that it didn’t start out as abusive, nor did all of the abuse happen at once. It began with him isolating me from friends, manipulation and gas lighting, from there gradually adding abuse in. After we finally broke up, I planned on keeping silent fro the rest of my life but I began to experience PTSD and night terrors. In a moment of weakness I reached out to him, and said I wanted to tell someone because if I didn’t I would kill myself. he proceeded to try and get me to kill myself. Within that next week I opened up to friends, family, and followers to discuss the seriousness of abuse. What I wanted to people to get out of what I went through was that you an skew anything you want on social media. I was able to make my relationship look perfect, we were “mom and dad,” rape can happen in relationships. & physical abuse can happen in relationships. I don’t think its talked about much where I’m from about being in abusive relationships and by opening up, if I can help one person see the red flags sooner than I did, then something came out of the terrible situation.”

  85. “My high school boyfriend made a bet he could take my virginity by New Years Eve. He ended up taking it without permission.”

  86. “My ex boyfriend convinced me to finally have sex with him, later to find out he hid 4 of his friends around the room the entire time.”

  87. “I was molested by my step-father.”

  88. “10 years old virgin (of course), best friends older brother crawled in bed with me, made my friend leave, and raped me.”

  89. ”I was raped by four men in three years. The first was my best friend's brother and he stole my virginity.”

  90. “We dated for five years, I would wake up to him inside me after I told him I wasn’t in the mood before going to bed. I said no, but since I was his girlfriend no didn’t matter.”

  91. ”Share your experiences: I was 6 weeks postpartum. My ex pressured me into sex when I knew I wasn’t ready. It hurt and I asked him to stop. He said “It’s okay, I’m almost done” and finished. I was sobbing. He didn’t seem to notice or care.”

  92. ”Well, you’re kind of a slut when you’re drunk” was the response I got from my closest friend. He gave me chlamydia and now I can’t have kids”

  93. “It’s happened before - but this time I couldn’t stop it. I was drugged. I woke up to someone trying to pull him off me as he choked me and raped me.”

  94. “He pinned me down to his bed, and forced himself inside me. Even though I wasn’t a virgin, when he was done, I was bleeding everywhere, and he laughed and threw a t shirt at me.“

  95. ”We were drunk. He was a mutual friend. He kept pulling out his penis and trying to force himself on me. This went on forever until I pushed him away hard enough to run out the door.”

  96. ”my boyfriend would hold me down by the throat, wrists, or chest. he drugged, raped, abused, and blackmailed me. i didn’t know it was wrong.”

  97. “He first built an emotional relationship with me and if I didn’t do shit with him he would say things like I thought you loved me and my dad just died. I’d say no but he’d just keep making me feel terrible about not.”

  98. ”I was raped by a close friend, became pregnant, and now have a 7 year old daughter who is more precious to me than gold.”

  99. “I was seeing this guy at the time, we were just hanging out. I had the pap smear done a few days prior and didn’t want to have sex. I told him I was in pain down there, he turned away and wouldn’t speak to me. The only words that came out of his mouth were words pressuring me into having sex with him. I said no, over and over and over again, to the point of exhaustion. I turned over and his pants were off. “Let’s just try it,” he said. I froze. I felt like I couldn’t say no anymore. During sex, he asked if I was in pain. My face gave it away, I found a mark on his ceiling and focused on it until it was over. The same thing happened a few days later. He video taped it. I didn’t realize this was considered rape at the time. I felt violated, assaulted, but couldn’t bring myself to say I was raped. I thought I was being dramatic or overreacting. To him, my “no” meant, “convince me” or “force me.” I still see him everyday on campus. I haven’t slept with someone since.”

  100. “My coworker asked for a ride home. I thought he was my friend. He was 3 years younger than me. I had no reason to fear him... I thought. It was snowing. He told me they had plowed out a spot in the gravel drive behind his house to make it easier to turn around. He lied. My car was stuck. In 2 feet of snow. And he tried to get on top of me. Every day I saw him after at work he would wink at me and laugh.”

  101. “My step father molsted me when I was 12 years old. My mom stayed with him because he was drunk. He’s still in my life today. I suffer from ptsd” -Dubuque, Iowa

  102. “He ripped apart my legs that carried me for my first steps, across the stage at dance recital, to class. I look at those legs and know they will never be mine again.” -Boston, MA

  103. “I was 5hrs away at college. A guy friend planned a night out and last minute “none of our friends could go” he suggested a bottle of wine, so we drank alone. I had 1.5 glasses and I got up and went to the bathroom down the hall and when I came back to my room I had one more glass. After that glass I blacked out, I don’t remember climbing on that slippery ladder to the top bunk, turning off the tv or anything for that matter. I woke up to him covering my mouth and him having sex with me. I tried saying stop and he said “you want this” and I blacked out until that morning. He asked me if I wanted to get breakfast at his church when we woke up. My roommate held me and cried with me when he finally left.” - Dubuque, Iowa

  104. “he would touch me, I would say stop but he wouldn’t stop until I said yes.”

  105. “my first boyfriend made me feel like I couldn’t say no because he was my boyfriend. I used to cry after I left his house because I felt so violated and dirty after he touched me.”

  106. “he held me down by my neck until I nearly passed out, let me catch my breath and repeated.”

  107. “my boyfriend, at 13.”

  108. “My fem friend had sex with me while I was passed out, first person I told said, “thats hot.” - female

  109. “I told him to stop and tried to fight him off. he held me down and kept saying ‘it’s okay, I love you.”

  110. “i said stop, but he said trust me it will feel good just wait and continued to rape me.”

  111. “in college I was a volunteer in an emergency room. A nurse asked me to see mu undies when we were alone.”

  112. “he drugged me at a party. i woke up to someone having to force him off of me.”

  113. “my 18 year old cousin grinned at me (6 years old) when parents left to the store. He used a stick to break the protective membrane of my child body. I got labeled a liar by my own parents, because i didn’t know what happened or how to talk about it. my mom to this day chooses not to believe me.”

  114. “my grandpa told my parents that ‘I touched HIM’ & they believed him.”

  115. “it hurt, I told him to stop; he said “it’s okay, I am almost done,” then finished.”

  116. “My story- my parents had a New Years party in our newly renovated basement- they invited “friends” and “family”
    - my parents had us kids stay upstairs away from the “adult” celebration - 
    My mom periodically would come upstairs and check on us and eventually sent us off to bed - some time later 
    I was awakened only to have my hand on a mans penis - he was kneeling by my bedside. I didn’t look up I was too scared so I couldn’t identify him— but I slowly pulled my hand back and rolled to the other side - pretending to still be asleep-he left down the hall and stairs -I assume he went back and partied the New Year up with my parents! 

    Ya— some “Friends” - some “Family” 
    scary shit- I never said a word to anybody cuz what the fuck does an 8 year old do with that shit? I never ever slept on the outside of the bed after that!” -USA-Colorad

  117. “I was at a party and a guy from my class sat down by me, he put his hands down my pants, paralyzed by fear I didn’t do anything. It happened a second time with the same guy, I told him to stay the hell away from me but never told a sole. Eventually I opened up to a close friend about it, she had an even worse more terrifying story about his same guy...” -Dubuque, IA

  118. “"Was drinking with a guy from hs and a girl friend of mine. Later woke up to him dry humping me and his only excuse was that, 'I thought you were my ex gf' who he broke up with the night before"- Iowa