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What exactly is self-care? We usually ask ourselves this question when we seem to be in need of it the most. Coming from someone who has dedicated the last two years to putting self-care as a number one priority in her life… I will do my best to answer that question in hopes to enlighten anyone who is following along!
As far as a definition goes, I think the word may define itself if we do not overthink it. However, I do believe that self-care can be many different things to many different people. In my eyes, I see self-care as an important relationship we form with ourselves. How do we do this? We decide to slow down life a bit and dedicate a certain amount of time each day to turn inward. While we are doing this, we start to learn new things about the kind of people we are. To be thorough, here are some examples: the patterns we create, the emotions we cycle through, different things that affect us in different ways, our small nervous habits, the way we think, what our surroundings are giving to us, etc. Through these new discoveries, we become more in tune with our minds and bodies, allowing us to develop those “self-care” routines.
Believe it or not, our bodies are constantly speaking to us, and they are usually trying to communicate what they need. Whether it be a quick 5 minutes of quiet time in a room by ourselves because we find that life has gotten a little too heavy that day, an early morning walk to get the blood flowing and a fresh breath of air because we were struggling to wake up when our alarm went off that morning, the daily/weekly routines we hold near and dear to our hearts that create a bit of balance in our unpredictable lives, finding time to unwind while cooking a great dinner with a fat glass of wine because sometimes that’s the most relaxing part of our day, OR vice versa and ordering out because your brain is ready to log off before we even get home. Whatever your self-care remedies require, they are of the most important nonetheless and should rank at the top of the priority list. Take the time to get to KNOW yourself and take the time FOR yourself!!
— Cristina Young