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Talking Tushies

February 15, 2019

le fantastiche toppe parlanti che sensibilizzano alla violenza di genere.

Talking Tushies is an international non-profit social project to raise awareness on sexual assault. The artist behind it is Emma Duehr from Portland, Oregon, who started to sew patches with sexual violence statistics and stitched them to her pants……..

Craft with conscience: Emma Duehr

November 7, 2018


“Talking Tushies” is a social project by Emma Duehr aiming to discourage future inappropriate or violent actions perpetrated by men in the United States. By creating embroidered patches for the back pocket of women’s pants with sexual assault statistics embroidered upon them Duehr hopes to spread awareness of the problems that……

A Dubuque Artist

Allison Wong | October 27, 2016.

DUBUQUE – A local Dubuque artist is creating some ambitious artwork.

Taking something humans use everyday and making it larger than life, Emma Duehr is making a statement on the damage people have on the Earth.